Be the Perfect Bride with Hazoorilal Polki Jewellery in India

Every bride wishes to look perfect during her wedding celebrations and one of the most important aspects of her trousseau is the jewellery. While gold and diamonds are traditional choices for contemporary brides, celebrity inspiration has also drawn the attention of young women to polki jewellery. Jewellery fashioned from uncut and unpolished diamonds is known as polki and is available in beautiful eye-catching designs at leading jewellers, including Hazoorilal, polki jewellers in India of repute.

The beauty of polki lies in its raw appeal and that no two pieces of polki are the same, giving a distinctive look to the jewellery fashioned from it. Usually, polki is crafted into jewellery using the techniques of jadau, badroom, and takkar. In jadau, the stones are placed on a silver foil to allow them to reflect light and give them a unique shine. Badroom refers to a technique in which the stones are embedded with a net-like or jaal pattern of gold. The takkar pattern is one where the individual polkis are mounted together edge to edge without the use of any metal.

Because polki is the purest form of diamond, it is also extremely expensive and used in heirloom pieces. Leading makers of diamond jewellery, such as Hazoorilal polki jewellers in Delhi are known to craft custom pieces for their clients which brings out the natural beauty of these precious gemstones and also gives the jewellery a regal manifestation. Some jewellers also mount polki alongside other precious stones and pearls to enhance their appeal and create contemporary jewellery to entice the modern-day bride.

Precious stones complement polki stones effectively for bridal jewellery pieces. Usually, red rubies are a classic choice for pairing with polki for bridal jewellery, especially owing to the significance of the colour red in Indian tradition for brides. Sapphire and emeralds are also used in exquisite designs crafted by leading jewellers for women seeking a regal look for their wedding day.

Brides can wear Hazoorilal polki jewellery in India for their wedding day and also for other wedding celebrations to give a touch of elegance with glamour to their outfit. You can explore the myriad exquisite designs on offer at the Hazoorilal showroom in Delhi for your special day or engage with the designers to have a custom-designed piece crafted for you. Each piece of jewellery at Hazoorilal is a blend of tradition with modernity and boasts of the highest craftsmanship to make your wedding day special.

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